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Shipping and Business Services 
  1. Copy Scan Fax
    We have you covered. You cant drop off items to be faxed scanned or copied with just a little information from you we can set you up on an account that will allow you to email us instructions what you need done if you can send the attachment by text or email we can clean it up so it looks perfect and you can pick up items or have them delivered
  2. Business Services
    Kings Mountain Country Corner Can help you with all your shipping and packing needs. From small packages to custom crates one phone call is all it takes. Setting up an account with us you drop items off or have us pick them up, decide who you want to do your transporting and we will handle the rest.
  3. Ebay Sellers
    We are now stocking boxes of any size, bubble wrap and paper to protect your items as you need to ship them. You can have packages dropped off at the store during business hours and we can deliver to you between the hours of 8 am and 9 pm thru the week.
  4. Pickup and Delivery
    We can come to you pick up your items to ship or deliver you items on your home or business whatever you need we are your helping hand. If you run a shop and need parts picked up and delivered so you don't have to close down that is not a problem either and we offer weekly pay options and 30 day net so you dont have to worry about keeping cash.
  5. No Contract No Problems
    Setting up a contract is not based on credit or even the amount of time you have been in business it just puts your information in the computer so we have address, contact numbers etc. If you just have a single shipment just a one time that's fine to we can help you get it picked or sent with awesome customer service.
  6. Wi-Fi Center
    As we move away from our pallet return section in the store we will add work stations where you will be able to use a computer printer and scanner for those quick emails or type out a resume, offering windows 10 with mirco-soft word and note.
Pricing For Services 
Business Services Pricing 
 Single Service fax 1.00 for the first page  .75 thereafter
 Single Copy Black and White                    .50 per page 
 Single Copy Color                                      .75 per page 

 Bulk Print, Copy and fax more than 50 pages will be quoted  per job. 

 We keep US Mail priorty boxes letter size and small boxes 
      Stocking Fed EX and UPS shippping as well
 Price for  preparing your package for shipment start  at $1.00  plus any shipping material we need to ensure safe  delivery. This applies to any package up to 10 pounds

 Packaging over 10 pounds will be quoted by the job just  depends on what materials will need to be used and the time  involved in preperation
 You can hire us to run errands you just dont have time to  do. We can help with creative services printing etc as you  see in the other descriptions but we can even forward your  phones here if your going to be out, help you setup voip set  you up where your faxes show up in your email and we  store a hard copy for you. You will be set up with a private  box where only you and Kings Mountain Country Corner  have access.   

 Around town pick ups and deliveries are avaialbe as well,  with same day service to Shelby, Bessemer City and    Gastoina prices can be based on a per mile delivery rate or  under a contract for reduced pricing.

 You can have help to run your business without the hassle  of hiring a crew we guarantee all our services.

 Call Today To Get Set-Up
How to get Started 
 It is easy to tailor services to your needs, you can even use our address so  you have a "Business Address" so stop in at 910 South Battleground Ave we can come up with a plan to simplify you business life.
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