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 You see carports all over the place, little lots in towns have them, you see them in your neighbors yard, you think it would be nice to have one to cover your car or boat but not sure how wide or how tall and your not sure who to talk to that will just answer questions and not be a pushey salesman.
                                 Kings Mountain Country Corner
 sells carports barns and metal buildings but we would much rather be thought of as your building designer. From a 18 by 20 to a 100 by 100 we can you design and build anything you can dream. We can get you started with basic paremeters and then let your imgination explode and your dreams come to life. If you want to cover your pride and joy classic or you need to design an affordable building to start or grow your business we have you covered and no matter the size or price we will attack your project with the same entusimasim regardless of size.
 Engineered buildings in red iron or carport you can drive your RV under it all is made possible by one phone call or visit. Our finance options on carports and buildings are a little different than our wooden buildings but we still have a 95 percent success rate of getting the financing needed to order the building. So dont let that hold you back we can get you covered. 

 We are now teamed up with Elephant Structures and they have prefected building designs you can come in and use the designer or visit and design what you want and be able to see different options and designed in real time with real time pricing, this is an awesome tool we knew our customers would love. 

Why Choose US  ??? 

Lagged ito the ground for more stability and stronger strucutre 

Why Show you these things? 
Because even the little details are a big deal

70 % ​More Anchors 

Painted Screws 

Welded Brackets 

Now that you see the the smallest detail matters to us you will know that every inch of your project will be considered and every detail you give us will be incorprated into your project to make it perfect 
What Can We Do

Stop by and visit today and lets 
Build Your Dream
910 South Battleground Ave.
Kings Mountain NC 28086

We can help you design and do paperwork over the phone so whereever you are located you can put our skills to work for you.